Why I use Linux

So, let’s begin the ravings and rants with why I choose to use Linux as my daily driver.

We’ll have to go back a few years, back to the time when Mandrake Linux existed. I was fed up with Windows XP and a friend of mine pointed me in Mandrakes general direction, he had used it in school (he was studying computer science or some such)

So I tried out Mandrake and I fell in love with it.

After using Mandrake for a while I did some distro hopping.
Then a few years later, I lost my way and started using Windows 10 and getting more and more frustrated with stuff like not being able to install my printer and that scanning my system with the anti-virus software causes a BSOD.
Why windows? Simply put, WoW and SWTOR worked better under Windows with my current configuration than under Linux.

But then, I saw the light and installed OpenSUSE and I’m now running it daily running SWTOR via Lutris (settings at high) with that new Nvidia card that I got. It’s no  super card, but one based on the 1050 chip, that’s what I could afford at the moment.

Anyhow, I got fed up with Windows not working for me, so I went back to Linux. And that’s the short version.

So, why do I use Linux?

Well, like I stated earlier I got fed up with how Windows worked for me. In Linux I can do just about everything I did in Windows  (except get the BSOD) and I do it effortless (well, more so when I get a new graphic card). I use Libre Office to edit my old MS Office documents and to create new ones. My printer was a breeze to install and it works great under Linux using hplip. Spotify works, Steam has a ton of games, it’s secure and safe (yes, I know that there are viruses that are targeted at Linux systems) and I’m part of a awesome community of users, creators and just people in general.



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